ProLog - Borehole Logging Software - Version 4

Borehole Logging just got a whole lot easier;
       simplified entry using your own templates means you get finished sooner,
       and Graphic Logs displayed as you go removes the errors.

"what used to take me a week is finished in an afternoon"

ProLog, allows you, the Field Geologist, to enter and check data as the core is recovered so the problem of punching errors is virtually eliminated.

With a notebook computer or tablet and a small inkjet printer, you can plot out Graphic Logs as well as a listing of data for quick verification, and once you are satisfied, you can prepare a presentation copy for your client.

Download ProLog Brochure (pdf)                    ProLog Evaluation Copy.....                       Installation & Tutorial Manual (pdf)

ProLog: $1,500  inc GST

Please see our Tablets & Notebooks  for some perfect companions to ProLog (bundle pricing available)

ProLog Evaluation Copy
The Evaluation Copy is the actual release version, that runs in demonstration mode.
To obtain your free evaluation copy of ProLog, whose only restrictions are,
1) Graphics print out - only first 10 entries are printed
2) Output to DWG file - only first 10 entries are output
3) Data Transfer to other systems - only first 10 entries are exported
just click on the icon below;

Click icon to download evaluation copy.......  

Download ProLog Installation & Tutorial Manual - 18 pages (pdf-393Kb)

Note: if you need a trial version without any restrictions, please download and install the evaluation copy, then send us an email with the Site Code and we can enabe the software via email for a time limited trial run.



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