Digicat 550iDigicat - DIGISYSTEM  - from Leica
With the DIGISYSTEM operators can locate, trace and mark underground services quickly, precisely and reliably prior to excavation.
DIGICAT 550i services locator
Used for detection & localisation of underground services, including cables, metallic pipes and connected equipment.

DIGITRACE 30/50/80
Feed the DIGITRACE up any material pipe, with the Digitex 8/33 connected, to enable very accurate tracing of non-metallic pipes

Create a unique signal with the DIGITEX 8/33 for the Digicat to follow - the 8/33 is connected to the Digitrace or to a pipe via alligator clips - essential for depth measurements. 

DML 2000DML2000 - from Dunham & Morrow, Inc.
DML2000 magnetic locator
It's the best locator for finding
buried iron or steel items including survey markers, PK nails, underground utilities, and manhole covers just to name a few.
Includes hard shell carry case, 7 YEAR WARRANTY - Covers Everything!

MS100/200 MAG SNAKE® Septic Tank Locator
When used in conjunction with the DML2000 Magnetic Locator the Mag Snake allows you to locate any septic tank, including plastic tanks, up to 9 feet deep.The revolutionary Mag Snake comes equipped with a magnetic header that allows you to trace underground pipe and locate any septic tank; concrete, steel or plastic


Schonstedt Magnetic Locators
Schonstedt Magnetic Locators - from Schonstedt Instrument Co
GA-72Cd magnetic locator
Includes hard shell carry case, 7 year warranty

GA-52Cx metered magnetic locator
Includes hard shell carry case, 5 year warranty

GA-92XTd retractable magnetic locator (incl display)
Extended for greater sensitivity, retracts for easier carrying.
Includes rugged hard shell carry case and hip holster, 7 year warranty


Magna-Trak  - from CST BergerMagna Trak 101
Magna-Trak® 101 Magnetic Locator
The value priced standard! The Magna-Trak 101 magnetic locator is a flux-gate type of magnetometer whose magnetic sensing coils are balanced to a finite condition.
Ideal for ferrous metal detection, Rio, pins or other metallic items are easily found.


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