Dunham & MorrowDML2000 

Dunham & Morrow DML2000 Magnetic Locator 

Magnetic locator for finding buried iron or steel items including survey markers, PK nails, underground utilities and manhole covers, just to name a few.

The DML2000 is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art locator that is highly reliable and user-friendly. There are only two controls and one switch, so it does not take long to become comfortable in using the locator.  Just toggle the On/Off switch, adjust the volume control for a comfortable signal level, and set the sensitivity control to one of three settings. The instrument is highly durable with the minimum of movable parts. 
To learn more about the DML2000 magnetic locator, you can visit the Dunham & Morrow website. 

  • Separate power/volume and sensitivity controls
  • Four "AA" battery operation; 80 to 100 hours operating time
  • Red flashing LED low battery indicator warns you only have 20 hours of operation remaining
  • Externally accessible batteries
  • Top mounted protected controls ensure greater protection from damage
  • 108cm overall length
  • 91.4cm waterproof length (base of electronics case to tip of sensor tube)
  • Lightweight, weighs only 0.8kg
  • Rugged design allows for operation under the most demanding field conditions
  • Outstanding sensitivity, greater depth, fewer false targets
  • Variable frequency output signal (20 to 3,500 Hertz)
  • Includes hard shell carrying case
  • 7 year warranty

"Dunham & Morrow's engineers have over 35 years experience designing and building magnetic sensing equipment for NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and Gamma Ray Observatory, NOAA’s GOES weather satellites, the US Military, and the US intelligence community.  By following the same demanding design principles required of all satellite hardware, our magnetic locators are practically indestructible, and so easy to use, anyone can operate them."



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