CodyCLOSE V4.0HP 50g

Survey computations for the Hewlett Packard 48GII, 49G+ and 50G series calculators
created by a Registered Surveyor for Surveyors

  • rapid operation
  • simple & easy to use display
  • user friendly menu structure
  • comprehensive 42 page user manual
  • trial version available (15 days or 50 uses whatever comes first)

 Conversion module
  • links to metres
  • metres to links
  • acres, roods, perches to square metres
  • slope reduction
  • feet to metres
  • metres to feet
  • bearing arithmetic
 Nav module
  • conversion from any coordinate system to another ISG, AMG & GDA
  • zone to zone conversions
  • lat/long to east/north and vice versa
 Resection module
  •  easy input and data checking prior to performing the calculation
  • only limited in size by the calculators memory
  • optional full computation display
 Vertical curve module
  • computes level at an entered chainage
  • computes high/low point
 Level & grade module
  • simple and easy input of level runs
  • computes progressive rises, falls & levels
  • level computation for straight grades using chainage
 Coord module
  • multiple bearing & distance computation between known points of easting & northing
  • multiple radiations about a fixed point
  • coordinate traverse computation
  • arc to chord computations
  • scale & sea level correction computations

 All programs work in ISG, AMG & MGA zones


Only $181.50* GST inc  ($165 ex gst)


 Close Module
  • bearing & distance entered via a run/stop setup
  • entered data can be manipulated or deleted and re-entered prior to assigning to memory
  • conversion module duplicated for distance input
  • data can be reviewed and changed at any time
  • rigorous internal error checks and user friendly display prompts
  • curved boundary input
  • 1/2 angle computation
  • secant computation
  • repetitive misclose computation at any stage
  • close can be added to after any type of computation has been performed
  • area computation (includes arcs)
  • accuracy computation
  • bowditch and adjusted area computation with % completed displayed for progress indication
  • 2 missing bearing computation
  • 2 missing distance computation
  • missing bearing and distance on separate lines computation
  • performs a screen plot of entered data
 Points module
  • same as the Close module only point driven
  • AutoCAD compatible (lisp routine provided)
  • generate HP point file from CSV file (EXE included)
  • jobs can also be scaled, shifted, rotated, stored and retreived
 Horizontal curve module
  • equal & stepped division
  • setout computations and division by chainage
  • setout computations by bearing & distance
  • eccentric station
 Soon to be available for Windows Mobile 5.0 eg. Archer, Recon etc
 Created & written by a registered NSW Surveyor




Download Installation Instruction Sheet (140kB) 
Download Version 4.0 User Manual (42 pages, 873kB)

CodyCLOSE V4.0 Trial Procedure for HP 50g# (15 days or 50 uses, whatever comes first)

  • This trial version is a fully functional, time and/or number of uses limited package.
  • Download and print installation instruction sheet
  • Optionally download the Version 4.0 User Manual (42 pages)
  • Copy the trial version install file SURV50E.DAT (77kB) to your PC, using right-click then Save Target As...
  • In step 8 of installation, the above file is the one you need to find on your PC and transfer to the calculator
  • In step 11, email the licence number that is displayed on the screen to and we will email you back the serial number, that you need to enter to complete the installation of the trial version.

* includes electronic delivery of program, manual and installation instructions. Printed manuals and CD's available for small additional charge.
# please ask for trial versions for other models

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