VM2 Vertical MountProshot VM2 vertical mount

  • Vertical Mount (plastic) for rotational lasers
  • Aligns lasers for projecting a vertical plane either along the ground or mounted to a tripod
  • Two holes in top allow it to be fastened to a wall for horizontal applications
  • Tough Lexan construction
  • Fits inside ProShot L3 and L5 cases
  • Fits all brands of lasers for horizontal alignment
  • Sits on ground or tripod

W1 Wall MountW1 Wall Mount

  • Wall mount for rotational lasers
  • Allows laser to be mounted tightly to wall for horizontal applications above ground, attached either by inserting nail through hole or hanging on ceiling frame work with two screw clamps
  • Mount can also align laser for projecting vertical plane, either on ground or attached to a tripod
  • Can be dis-assembled into two pieces
  • Aluminium and Lexan construction
  • Fits inside ProShot L4.7 Magnum case



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