Nikon NIVO™ M SeriesNikon Nivo M Series Total Station Total Stations

  • High quality Nikon optics
  • Intuitive powerful onboard software
  • Fast, accurate EDM
  • Compact (306mm), Rugged and Lightweight (3.8kg)
  • Prism and reflectorless measurements
  • Easy-to-use Keypad w Easy-to-read large LCD Display
  • Two Hot swappable batteries onboard
  • 10,000 point storage
  • Optional Laser Plummet
  • Cable free integrated Bluetooth®
  • I/O RS232 for data downloads
  • 2 Year Warranty
For more information and Spec Sheets, please visit Nikon web site

consisting of;
1x Nivo M Series main unit
1x Tribrach
1x Plastic Carrying Case
2x Li-Ion long life batteries
1x Universal charger, powercord and adapters

Nikon Total Station DTM-322Nikon DTM-322 Total Station (ideal for the construction market) 

  • Legendary Nikon optics
  • Fast, accurate EDM
  • Accuracy - 3" dual face model or 5" single face model
  • Convenient and long lasting re-chargeable AA batteries
  • Easy-to-use keypad w large clear LCD display
  • Construction rugged and lightweight unit
  • Linear focusing mechanism
  • 10,000 points storage with on-board survey software
  • I/O RS232C for data downloads
  • 2 Year warranty

For more information and Spec Sheet, please visit Nikon web site
consisting of:
1x DTM-322 main unit
1x Tribrach
1x Plastic Carrying Case
1x Clip-on AA battery holder
1x AA Battery Charger and Battery Set
1x DTM Total Station to PC data cable (9 pin)

Nikon 602 SeriesNikon 602 Series - Discontinued

Pulse Laser Station NPL-632 
Note: The NPL-632 series has now been discontinued, and replaced by the Nivo Series, see above

 EDM type:

 Pulse laser (reflectorless) focusing system

 Distance accuracy:

 3 mm + 2 ppm (prism), 5 mm + 2 ppm (reflectorless)

 Distance range:

 210 m reflectorless, 5000 m to single prism 

 Angle accuracy:

 2" / 0.5 mgon


 Dual axis


 Powerful, high performance total station 
   Graphic LCD display, dual sided
   Full numeric keyboard, dual sided
   Internal memory of 10,000 records, CF Card Slot
 Powerful onboard software

 USB port







consisting of:
1x NPL-632 main unit
1x Carrying handle NiMH battery BC-80
1x Tribrach
1x Plastic Carrying Case
1x Universal charger
1x Input cord and adapters
1x total station to PC cable
1x 128Mb Compact Flash Card

Please visit Nikon website to see full range and specifications of Nikon Total Stations



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