RICOH G700SERicoh G700SE Camera
The water, dust and shock resistant compact gps ready digital camera
Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN support
Capture location data with your images
The complete geo-imaging solution
Ricoh understands the needs of the GIS professional. The G700SE provides the definitive streamlined process to integrate quality images into mapping software applications.
  • Automatically embeds GPS coordinates with captured images
  • Seamless transfer of pictures and data to mapping software
  • Rugged field-ready geo-imaging solution
  • Superior resolution and ease of use

Simplifies workflow and overcomes burdens of traditional methods

Camera Specifications
The G700SE has all of the waterproof, dust resistance and shock resistance performance you would expect from a camera designed for use in harsh environments, but it now comes equipped with Bluetooth® and wireless LAN capability as standard.

The G700SE is a state-of-the-art digital camera with robust features to meet and exceed the demand of todays digital photographer

  • New compact, rugged waterproof and shock resistant design
  • 12.1 Mega pixel CCD and ultra rapid shutter response
  • 5X optical zoom with image stabilization
  • Native wide-angle 28mm lens
  • Large 3" TFT LCD screen

Optimised for GIS Integration
The G700SE's powerful feature-set provides a host of GIS solutions to ensure any workflow requirements are easily met

  • Built-in bluetooth 2.0 and ultra high-speed 802.1RICOH WiFi b/g Ricoh photo
  • Receives NMEA data from any bluetooth GPS device
  • Transfers images to devices via bluetooth or WiFi
  • Geo-codes images & videos as they are captured
  • On-board "data-dictionary" for attributing images
  • Track-log and voice sound annotation


GP-1 GPS Module with Electronic Compass
for the G700SE Camera

Ricoh's optional GPS module with digital compass provides a "stand-alone" rugged solution for geo-imaging workflows.

By connecting the compact GP-1 GPS unit, you can attach location information to pictures or movies taken with the camera. And thanks to the electronic compass support, you can also register direction information to recorded images. Even with the GP-1 attached, the camera supports IP64 dirt resistance and waterproofing, and can withstand the impact of a 1.2m fall.

GPS Accuracy: 2D RMS approx. 5m
During clear skies (fine weather with no obstructions, and an angle of elevation greater than 30 degrees)
Digital compass direction accuracy: ±6 degrees *Measurement error calculated from Magnetic north"

Embeds GPS coordinates and direction with captured images and video.
Seamless transfer of pictures and data to mapping software.
Rugged field-ready Geo-imaging solution.
Superior resolution and ease of use.
Easily attaches to G700SE Camera with tools provided.
   Ricoh GP1 GPS module w digital compass  Ricoh GP1 GPS module w digital compass  Ricoh G700SE w GP1 GPS module

The 5 Steps of a Geo-Imaging Workflow 

GPS Photo Link Software
Optional GPS-Photo Link software brings all the information together into ArcView or html. The software watermarks and maps photos and creates html web sites and shape files that can be used by ESRI's ArcGIS®. A special ArcGIS plug-in allows users to process photos from within ArcGIS applications - no need to open up a separate program. ESRI shape files showing the location for each photo are automatically created. ESRI ArcView extension for hot linking shape files to images.



Geolocate your photos with the Ricoh G700SE digital camera with onboard Bluetooth and/or WiFi capabilities to accept NMEA GPS information as well as wirelessly send your images to any enabled device. Whether you use your own Bluetooth enabled GPS or the optional GP-1 attached GPS device, you can map your photos by running the optional GPS-Photo Link software.  Download trial version of GPS-Photo Link Software (15 days) 

for more information about;
Geo-Imaging/ Disaster Readiness & Recovery/ Graffiti Tracking/ Military Solutions: Geo & Data please visit the
 RICOH Dynamic Capture web site

Ricoh G700SE Camera please visit the RICOH web site 

 Model  Description  Price ex
 G700SE  Ricoh G700SE digital camera with Bluetooth & WiFi
 (includes Li-ion battery, AC charger, AV cable, USB cable, CD-ROM, Neck Strap & Instruction Manual)
 $ 990
 GP1  Ricoh GPS module with compass  $ 720
 BR1  Ricoh Barcode Scanner module  $ 880
 G700SE-Battery  Spare Li-ion battery (DB-65)  $ 70 
 G700SE-BattCharger  BJ-6 AC Charger for DB-65 Batt (spare)  $ 70
 G700SE-VehCharger  12VDC Car Charger  $ 60
 G700SE-DW5  Wide Conversion Lens (DW-5)   $ 160 
 G700SE-LC  37mm Lens Cap  $ 10
 G700SE-CK  37mm Lens Cap Keeper SE1  $ 7
 G700SE-UVF  37mm UV Filter  $ 14
 G700SE-Cloth  Inca Cleaning Cloth - screen & lens  $ 8
 INC-536150  LCD Screen protectors 4" (pk3) - cut to size  $ 9
 Memory cards
 L736-2GB SD  2G SD memory card  $ 10
 SD4GHC4  4G HD SD memory card  $ 15
 L736-SD Reader  All in one card reader (USB), read/write most memory cards incl SD, CF  $ 45
 GPL-GIS-Pro  GPS-Photo Link GIS Pro  $ 317 
 GPL-Express  GPS-Photo Link Express   $ 162
 GPL-1yr-Upgrade  GPS-Photo Link GIS Pro - 1 year free upgrades  $ 90
 GPL-2yr-Upgrade  GPS-Photo Link GIS Pro - 2 year free upgrades  $ 156
 GPL-ArcPad  GPS-Photo Link ArcPad AddOn  $ 162
 Laser range finders
 TP200B  TruPulse 200B Laser (yellow - gray/blue also available)  $ 1,050
 TP360B  TruPulse 360B Laser (yellow - gray/blue or tan also available)  $ 2,190
 Camera Bags & Hard Cases
 RH-10  Rhino case - pick-n-pluck foam (internal size 253 x 183 x 138) - blue only  $ 80
 PEL-1200  Pelican 1200 case w foam (internal size 235 x 181 x 105)  - various colours  $ 90
 PEL-1300  Pelican 1300 case w foam (internal size 251 x 178 x 155)  - various colours  $ 110
 S-iM2050  Storm iM2050 case w foam (internal size 241 x 190 x 108) - olive, yellow, black  $ 100
 S-iM2075  Storm iM2075 case w foam (internal size 241 x 190 x 184) - olive, yellow, black  $ 120
 G700SE-Bag  Camera Bag  $ 34

  Please note: prices are gst exclusive & are a guide only 














Recommended Minimum GPS Package;
Ricoh G700SE camera
GP1 - essential for GPS functionality
37mm Filter - protects lens and is a lot cheaper to replace if damaged
2GB or 4GB SD card - multiple smaller cards -> backing up more often -> less chance of lost images due to SD card failure

Highly Recommended extras;
GPS-Photo Link GIS PRO software - creates ArcGIS shape files, watermarked photos, word documents, Google Earth, HTML, text files and GPX output
or GPS-Photo Link Express software - 
creates watermarked photos, word documents, Google Earth, HTML, text files and GPX output
Rhino Case / Pelican Case / Storm Case or Camera Bag

 Rhino 10  Pelican 1200   Pelican 1300 Storm iM2050   Storm iM2075  Camera Bag
 253 x 183 x 138 mm  235 x 181 x 105 mm  251 x 178 x 155 mm  241 x 190 x 108 mm  241 x 190 x 184 mm  190 x 100 x 130 mm
 rhinocasethumb          Hama_Trackpack_II_DV60

To record distance to item you are photographing........choose TruPulse 200B or 360B
TruPulse 200B LaserTruPulse200
A compact and lightweight laser rangefinder provides "thru-the-lens" viewing, eliminating parallax issues. Offering crystal clear optics, in-scope data display for quick results and advanced targeting modes to easily provide accurate distance and height measurements. The diopter adjustment provides comfortable viewing for eye/sunglass wearers. Utilitizing the integrated tilt sensor, you can measure horizontal or vertical distance and instantly calculate the height of any object with the built-in height routine. Data communication is via wireless Bluetooth®. Use the closest, farthest or continuous mode for multiple targets. Using the Bluetooth feature you can send TruPulse data to the Ricoh camera where it is embedded on your photo. GPS PhotoLink then places your photo at the offset point automatically.

TruPulse 360B Laser
The TruPulse 360 overcomes situational and topographical barriers to allow professional measurement - from any angle - of virtually anything. The TruPulse 360 combines an integrated compass, inclinometer and distance laser that delivers mapping-grade accuracy and the ability to shoot from any angle. The internal circuitry provides 3-axis monitoring of the earth's magnetic field and uses its TruVector compass technology and calibration algorithms to produce the best possible azimuth accuracy. Using the Bluetooth feature you can send TruPulse data to the Ricoh camera where it is embedded on your photo. GPS PhotoLink then places your photo at the offset point automatically.

TruPulse Series Flyer (pdf)



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